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    Courses for High School Graduates

    Courses for High School Graduates are organized in English and German.

    Courses for High School graduates are aimed at students who will be taking secondary school leaving exams during the academic year. During classes, depending on the level of language, relevant parts of secondary school leaving examinations are analyzed and all the tasks the future school graduate may face are discussed. These include obtaining and providing information, coverage of events, negotiating and drafting shorter or longer texts such as a note or a letter. The structure and layout of practice exercises are identical to the real ones. During the classes, specially prepared sets of examinations are studied which allow our learners to be prepared for the exam in the most effective way.

    The course includes 90 hours of lessons, classes are held twice a week for two hours.

    The objectives of High School Graduate courses are:

    – to become familiar with the strategy of answering examination tests /papers
    – to be able to create written and oral statements
    – to improve vocabulary
    – to recognise lexical-grammatical structures.

    As part of the Secondary School leaving examinations course you will receive:

    – module of 90 language lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher
    – classes in groups of 5 -9
    – classes twice a week, two hours per lesson
    – new elegant classrooms equipped with modern multimedia technology
    – free materials for language learning
    – free language consultations
    – two written reports on language progress
    – certificate of completion
    – the possibility of catching up with learning missed due to absence
    – free conversation club
    – free access to the internet café
    – free access to the foreign language library
    – free of charge participation in parties and events organized by Bizneslingua
    – discounts on textbooks for regular customers
    – a gift from Bizneslingua.