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    Mon. 10-18; Tues.-Thurs. 9-17; Fri. 8-16

     tel. 77 466 11 52

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    Rozmowa z dyrektorem Centrum Języków Obcych Bizneslingua, panią dr Katarzyną Tracz-Krupą

    Do każdego podchodzimy indywidualnie

    Mrs. Catherine, the market of language schools in Opole seems to be quite tight. How to distinguish yourself and what determines the uniqueness of what Bizneslingua has to offer?

    Our strength is mainly an individual approach to every student. We offer language courses what is called ‘tailored-made, ‘perfectly tailored to individual needs’. Based on the analysis of training needs, we try to offer the most appropriate teacher and the most optimum service – what is appreciated by our customers. We pay a great attention to the quality of our courses, practice shows that those who once enrolled in our school, will be with us for longer.

    Name Bizneslingua suggests that the offer is only for business…

    In fact it was like that at the beginning of our business. First, we started working with companies and institutions of Opole province. Currently we offer courses both for children and adults. We teach toddlers the first words in a foreign language, while we prepare high school graduates to take the most important exams in their life. We offer various types of courses at all levels – exam preparation, business, professional, both individual and group ones. Shortly speaking we are able to teach anyone, regardless of their age or level of their language.

    Please tell us more about your staff giving classes.

    Our staff is a team of more than twenty professional teachers, both Polish and those ones from abroad. We have a team of teachers, among which are those ones from the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and other countries. Classes are held in so-called “tandem teaching” system what means the same group is taught in exchange by one Polish teacher and by one from abroad. This way teaching gives the best results.

    Perhaps children are the hardest to be taught?

    They are very demanding students, but we have our way to do it. Small groups allow each child to participate in class in an active way and the teacher has a very individual approach to students. Learning is mainly taught through play. There is a friendly and nice atmosphere during lessons and the learning process is facilitated by modern textbooks and teaching aids tailored for children.

    What can you offer youth and adult audiences?

    First of all, general languages courses: English, German, French, Russian and Spanish and even Dutch. Those courses are aimed at the comprehensive development of all language skills – writing, speaking, listening, and reading, needed to be able to communicate in a foreign language in all everyday and professional situations. During the course varieties of teaching methods and techniques are used. Particular emphasis is placed on communication with our learners who will not be afraid of using the acquired skills in practice.

    Please tell us more about the offer addressed to companies and institutions.

    We have a very extensive offer of language training in English and German. Three phases are included in this type of training. In the first, preparatory stage we familiarize ourselves with the expectations of people and the participants themselves. We evaluate the level of language among learners and discuss the final format of the training. Then we move to the implementation phase – we select training materials, conduct training and monitor progress on a regular basis. The third phase is to control the effects – carry out final tests, we give the teacher’s reports, certificates and we give offers on continuing training. This is how it looks like shortly speaking. We offer courses covering communication in the field of general vocabulary, as well as more specialized – Business English and Wirtschaftsdeutsch, allowing them to gain flexibility learning skills and using the correct forms while communicating based on the contexts and subjects in various fields of business.

    The offer for companies includes: conversation, individual programs and lessons on demand – for all those who do not have time or opportunity to participate in more regular classes or need permanent contact with the language.

    ‘The school participates in the implementation of the EU projects related to trainings – please could you tell me something more about this’.

    At present, we work on a very attractive project for micro and small enterprises. Its aim is to improve the qualifications of employees of this type of firms, through learning languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Dutch free of charge. Employees of those companies can enrol themselves on their own or via an employer, delegating them for this type of training. All interested are invited to contact our school. This is really a great opportunity to raise their qualifications, without incurring additional costs.

    You have recently changed the headquarters, where can you be found now?

    The school is located on Ozimska Street 63a in Opole The new office apart from the classrooms decor which refers to various places in Europe, an Internet cafe and children’s corner can be found. The rooms are equipped with modern multimedia equipment, and an Internet access is available in the whole building. We serve a delicious coffee and tea to our learners. We invite soon to our open school days, during which you will be able to visit the headquarters and familiarize yourself with our offers.

    Bizneslingua Centre for Foreign Languages
    ul. Ozimska 63 A, tel. +44 (0) 77 444 44 70

    Kevin Aiston – the star of the show” Europe can be loved” – is visiting Bizneslingua.

    Radio Opole of 14 May 2011. – Interview ed. Anna Herok

    A part of the program ‘European Union without Secrets’ – Radio Plus (May 21, 2011), where interview with Kevin Aiston could be heard.

    Open the conversation

    Interview with Kevin

    How to learn a foreign language quickly and in an effective way, as well as few words about English cuisine, fires and what we have in common with British people.All this could have been learnt from the interview with the most famous firefighter in the country by editor Mariusz Jarzombka from Nowa Trybuna Opolskia
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    TVP Opole in Bizneslingua

    At the beginning of February 2012 Bizneslingua hosted journalists from TVP Opole, who interviewed Jorg Thoele and who were his guests during his German language classes. This material will be transmitted on February 14, 2012 in TVP Opole at 19.10 and TVP Katowice Feb. 13 at 17.

    The Easter workshop in Nowiny Krapkowice

    An article about our Easter workshops was published in the local newspaper Nowiny Krapkowice No. 1/2012 on April 10, 2012

    Bizneslingua in Tygodnik Krapkowicki local newspaper

    An article about our school was published with the title: ‘CENTER OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES BIZNESLINGUA in Krapkowice-Otmęt with support from Oxford University Press in “Tygodnik Krapkowicki “the local newspaper on 05.26.2015