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    Who we are

    Opole Bizneslingua Team
    Krapkowice Bizneslingua Team

    BIZNESlingua Language Centre is a modern school, which in addition to general language courses offers high-quality training “tailored-made” (‘made to measure’)languages such as English, German, Russian, French, Dutch and Polish for companies and institutions.
    Language courses are held at the company’s premises, allowing
    flexibility in adaptation of the curriculum to their specific work of learners by saving their valuable time, or at the headquarters of BIZNESlingua. We offer both trainings in the form of group classes and individual lessons. Learning the language in a restricted group taught only by teachers employed within the company offers full guarantee that its profile is achieved and lessons are focused on specific topics.
    Courses cover a wide range of issues related to general languages or business. On firm request’s the program is prepared focusing on specified language objectives, may also include issues such as: sales, banking, finance, HR and IT. Classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced Polish and foreign teachers.`
    The key to success in achieving the objectives in training is the right choice of an appropriate curriculum. Together with the customer we develop a program perfectly suited to a particular business profile and their current needs.

    BIZNESlingua  organises the following types of activities:
    – English and Deutsch  languages
    – Business English and Wirtschaftsdeutsch
    – Thematical Training
    – Training courses
    – Conversations
    – Individual programs
    – Lessons on demand
    – Polish language for foreigners.