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    Pon. 10-18; Wt.-Czw. 9-17; Pt. 8-16

    tel. 77 466 11 52

    Biuro OPOLE

    Pon.-Pt. 10.00-18.00

    tel. 77 444 44 70


    Mon. 10-18; Tues.-Thurs. 9-17; Fri. 8-16

     tel. 77 466 11 52

    OPOLE Office

    Mon.-Fri. 10.00-18.00

    tel. 77 444 44 70

    For entrepreneurs

    „With IMPACT into the future”


    Aim of the project:

    The aim of the project is to improve the sales competencies and interpersonal skills of employees in micro and small enterprises in the Opole province.

    Project areas:

    Training with the Single Sales System IMPACT (4 days = 32h):
    – the differences between the customer’s needs and desires,
    -choosing the right customer,
    – preparing for the conversation,
    – relationship modelling (explanations, knowledge and using skills),
    – the customer’s needs (techniques to develop effective questions),
    – adaptation of relationship (the difference between traditional presentation-based sales and purpose –based,
    – closing sales,
    – transactions (how to ask for the order, strengthen and finalize the arrangements),
    – work-based case studies,
    – emotional intelligence in sales.

    Implementation coaching:

    – strengthening implementation, knowledge and skills acquired during the training,
    – setting sales targets,
    – implementation of skills associated with successive stages of the Single System of IMPACT.
    Implementation coaching is delivered via the internet and group meetings.


    You can take part in the project if:
    – you are a sole trader, employer or employee of a micro or small enterprise in the food, chemical, metallurgy, construction or wood services in the Opole province
    – you work under a contract of employment having completed at least secondary education.


    Priority will be given to women and businesses trading outside Opole.

    Project Office:

    Opening hours: 10.00-18.00
    45-368 Opole, ul. Ozimska 63A
    Tel .: 518 250 400
    e-mail: info@bizneslingua.pl

    Project Implementer

    FPL Sp. z oo with its headquarters in /Łódź, ul. Piramowicza 9; tel .: (42) 6 300 900

    Location and training dates:

    The project provides 32 hours of training in a cycle of 8 hours a day, 4 days a week. Training will be organized in Opole and Krapkowice from March 2012 to April 2013.



    The cost of training

    The training is covered by de minimis aid – which means that 100% of this project is funded

    Documents required from the employer:

    – Terms and conditions of participating in the project  Download Word Download Pdf

    Appendix No. 1- Company’s qualification questionnaire Download Word Download Pdf
    Appendix No. 2- A copy of the KRS / records of the business being  registered – certified as a true copy (not older than 3 months from the date when the agreement was signed)
    Appendix  No. 3- Statement of the company’s  eligibility  Download Word Download Pdf
    Appendix No. 4- de minimis statement  Download Word Download Pdf
    Appendix No. 5- Information form for application for de minimis aid annexed to the Council of Ministers Download Word Download Pdf
    Appendix No. 7- Entrepreneur statement of worker’s eligibility Download Word Download Pdf
    Appendix  No. 9- Agreement of participation in  training project Download Word Download Pdf

    Documents required from the worker:

    App. No. 6- Appointed worker’s qualification questionnaire Download Word Download Pdf
    App. No. 8- Participant’s data protection statement  Download Word Download Pdf