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    Business courses

    Business courses are organized in English, German and French.

    Our business courses are designed for people who intend to use a foreign language in their job. During the course, students expand business vocabulary, learn how to deal with formal and informal correspondence, attend meetings, make calls and discuss issues related to the daily functioning of the company. At higher levels there are general economic issues.

    The entire course consists of 120 hours of lessons, classes twice a week for 90 minutes.

    Objectives of business courses:

    – developing negotiation strategies
    – effective business correspondence
    – presenting information in a clear and transparent way
    – effective argumentation
    – free communication on the telephone.

    Within the business course you receive:

    – module of 120 language lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher
    – classes in groups of 5 – 9, consisting solely of adults
    – lessons twice a week, two hours per lesson
    – new elegant lecture rooms equipped with modern multimedia technology
    – free materials for language learning
    – business dictionary
    – free language consultations
    – two written reports on language progress
    – certificate of completion
    – the possibility of catching up with learning missed due to absence
    – free conversation club
    – free access to the internet café
    – free access to the foreign language library
    – free participation in parties and events organized by Bizneslingua
    – discounts on textbooks for regular customers
    – a gift from Bizneslingua.