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    Pon.-Czw. 10-18; Pt. 8-16

    tel. 77 466 11 52

    Biuro OPOLE

    Pon.-Pt. 10.00-18.00

    tel. 77 444 44 70


    Mon.-Thurs. 10-18; Fri. 8-16

     tel. 77 466 11 52

    OPOLE Office

    Mon.-Fri. 10.00-18.00

    tel. 77 444 44 70

    Lessons on demand

    Lessons on demand have been created for those who do not have time for regular learning, but who need language skills for specific purposes, e.g. when attending important business meetings, conferences, giving presentations or going abroad.


    Lessons on demand are always created together with the learner.


    The content of Lessons on demand programmes is usually defined by the learner, depending on their needs and goals. Tutors prepare appropriate teaching materials, which may include articles from the British, American or German press, excerpts from books, films and radio broadcasts.