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    Pon.-Czw. 10-18; Pt. 8-16

    tel. 77 466 11 52

    Biuro OPOLE

    Pon.-Pt. 10.00-18.00

    tel. 77 444 44 70


    Mon.-Thurs. 10-18; Fri. 8-16

     tel. 77 466 11 52

    OPOLE Office

    Mon.-Fri. 10.00-18.00

    tel. 77 444 44 70

    For micro and small enterprises

    Academy of foreign languages, management and entrepreneurship

    Aim of the project

    The aim of the project is to improve and develop human capital in micro and small enterprises in the Opole province.

    The project covers:

    1. Language training in the following languages:
    – English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Dutch;
    2. Management training and entrepreneurship on the following topics:
    – professional customer service,
    – effective negotiation,
    – interpersonal communication,
    – presentation skills and public speaking,
    – motivating employees in business,
    – professional recruitment and selection,
    – the principle of effective cooperation in a team,
    – savoir-vivre in business,
    – successful acquisition of EU funds, effective raising of EU funds,
    – principles of preparing a feasibility study by ROP OV,
    – management and clearance of projects using the POKL framework,
    – financial analysis of the project – measuring efficiency, accuracy and trustworthiness of economic evaluation of the planned investment.


    You can take part in the project if:
    – you work in a micro or small enterprise (labour market agency or training organisation),
    – you live or work in the Opole region.


    Recruitment of participants takes place all year round and can be carried out using one of the following methods:
    1. Phoning the project office (0 77 44 444 70)
    2. Emailing info@bizneslingua.pl

    Priority will be given to participants aged 45 or over.

    Project Office

    Opening hours: 8.00-19.00
    Opole, ul. Ozimska 63A
    Tel / fax: 077 444 44 70
    e-mail: info@bizneslingua.pl

    Organizer of training courses

    The organizer of the training is the Bizneslingua Centre for Foreign Languages in Opole.

    Location and training dates

    Language training will be held in Opole from March 2011; twice a week for two hours per lesson.

    The costs of training

    Training is funded by the European Social Fund and national financial resources via the Human Capital Operational Programme, Priority VIII, Act 8.1. Development of workers, qualifications and enterprise in the region.

    Documents required from the employee (trainee)

    – Photocopy of identity card (both sides)
    – Declaration of participation in the project Download Word Download Pdf
    – Application Form Download Word Download Pdf
    – Participant’s data protection statement Download Word Download Pdf
    – Terms of training Download Word Download Pdf

    Documents required from the employer

    – Training contract Download Word Download Pdf

    App. No. 1 – Terms of training Download Word Download Pdf
    App. No. 2 – Summary of information collected about the appointed employees and selected course Download Excel Download Pdf
    App. 3 – Form of the information provided when applying for aid other than de minimis aid or de minimis aid in agriculture or fisheries Download Word Download Pdf
    App. No. 4 – Declaration of participation in the project Download Word Download Pdf
    App. No. 5 – Participant’s data protection statement Download Word Download Pdf
    App. No. 6 – A certified copy of the company’s current registration statement