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    Thematic workshops

    Thematic workshops are one or two day language training courses in English based on the participants’ chosen fields of business. Training simultaneously develops the language and personal skills needed in everyday life and at work.

    The workshops are delivered entirely in the English language by two professional teachers in Business English and Business Coaching. Soft skills training is incorporated in order to enhance language skills. Workshops are fully tailored to the participants’ language level, which helps to break down barriers to speaking the language, and participants fully benefit from this type of training.

    Aims of workshops:

    • To improve skills in giving professional presentations in the English language
    • To increase fluency in giving opinions
    • To increase accuracy in practical use of key vocabulary.

    Thematic workshops in English language:

    1. Interpersonal communication
    2. Stress in the workplace
    3. Principles of teamwork
    4. Career Management
    5. Motivating employees in the workplace
    6. Organizational culture within the company
    7. Measuring efficiency in business
    8. Intercultural Management

    Feel free to contact the Bizneslingua office for detailed information on the content of each workshop.