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     tel. 77 466 11 52

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    Offer of EU projects

    Offer of the projects

    We are pleased to present our offer of cooperation in the design and implementation of training projects financed from EU funds under the Operational Programme Knowledge, Education and Development (PO WER) and the Regional Operational Programme for the Opole Provinces (ROP) for the period 2014 – 2020.

    The Bizneslingua Language Centre independently raises funds for training projects, delivers its own training projects, and also offers subcontracting of projects to its customers. Bizneslingua’s projects cover many complex areas including organizing language courses, interpersonal and human resources management, as well as administration, evaluation, advertising and catering and many others.

    The comprehensive partners’ service includes the preparation, implementation and evaluation of projects. In particular:

    1. Assessment of training needs
    2. Rational planning of the project
    3. Legislative proposal and estimated budgeting
    4. Project Management
    5. Training course implementation
    6. Preparation of claims for payments
    7. Preparation of interim reports
    8. Project evaluation.

    If interested, please contact our office..